The problem

Everyone loves the ease of online shopping and on-demand mobility, but they put huge pressure on a transport system that’s struggling to cope.

Last-mile transport keeps the world turning, yet today it’s limited to vehicles that pollute our cities, or EVs designed for Instagram, not for drivers.

The result is inefficient deliveries, unhappy drivers, increasing emissions and worsening climate change.


The electric revolution means things are already changing. But that change is too slow and too small. We need to move things even quicker, think even bigger, work even smarter.

If we rework the system itself, by making it more intelligent, productive and hassle-free, we can have a huge impact.


Our vision is a world where last-mile transport works for people and planet.

We want to make our cities livable for the next generations. That’s why we’re tackling last-mile transportation of people and goods from every angle to provide seamless zero-emission solutions for every fleet, no matter their size or where they are in the world.


We don’t just talk about changing last-mile transportation, we’re making innovative solutions available now, and at scale.

We believe happy drivers make great deliveries. Which is why our range of smart electric vehicles, systems and tools focuses on productive technology, well-being and ease of use.

By making the switch to EV as competitive as possible, we aim to make adopting our innovations a no-brainer.

We are ODIN

Delivering for people and planet.